Schools & Caregivers
EDU Portraits provides professional school and preschool portrait photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in preschool, daycare and private schools, capturing - in timeless, beautiful photos - children from pre-K to 12th grade. We bring with us a great attitude and flawless ability to make your next photo day fun for the kids, appreciated by the parents, and of course easy for you! We create customized forms for every child/family that make stress free ordering easy for parents and staff. Contact us today to get more information that will make your school or preschools picture day a great event!   >> Learn More
If you are interested in having EDU Portraits take your child's photo, please encourage your Preschool, Daycare or Private Schools director to contact us. EDU Portraits DOES NOT require any pre-orders or up front payments! We do not have chaotic "preprinted" photo or kiosk sales days! We offer digital files delivered via email or photo disk (3 poses w/photo release) and prints are delivered directly to your child's school for easy pick-up! We simply come to your school, take great photos of your child or children, and you can decide - after seeing the photos - whether you'd like to purchase them or not!   >> Learn More